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AGREEMENT for the sale of the purebred (breed) ___________________________________________

Whose BIRTHDATE is_______________  SEX__________________________  COLOR_____________________________


AKC#__________________ PURCHASE PRICE_________________

This purchase agreement is between BUYER________________________address_____________

phone number_________________and the seller Bill and Connie Spencer.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, the puppy stated above, is in excellent health.   A health certificate from my vet will be given with the puppy and the puppy will be fully examined for heart, eyes, and patellas.   Immunization records will also be given to the buyer with the puppy.  This puppy is guaranteed for 7 days against any health problems (excluding normal issues such as worms, coccidian, giardia, mites, or kennel cough (due to the actual vaccination given).   It is strongly recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a reputable vet during the first 7 days should any problems arise that the buyer is concerned about.  The cost of this vet visit and any other procedures or treatment done by the buyers vet will be the resposibility of the buyer.  A full refund of the purchase price (not including shipping) will be given for a puppy found to be unsatisfactory during this time frame with a written report from a licensed veterinarian.  The puppy along with the original registration papers must be returned to us as soon as the puppy can travel safely before a refund will be given.  In the event that a puppy should die suddenly, an autopsy must be performed, at the buyers expense, and the result of the autopsy must be from a congenital issue for the seller to be liable.  We, the seller, will not be responsible for any illness or injury that may be caused by improper care or treatment by the owner.  The only other health guarantee is given in the case of a hereditary defect which develops in the first year of life and is to such an extent that it makes the puppy unsuitable as a pet.  The puppy must be returned to us with original registration papers.  In this instance the buyer has the right to first choice of a replacement puppy when one becomes available.   No guarantee can be given on the puppies, size, color, personality, breeding or showing abilities.  Any deposit given to hold a puppy is nonrefundable unless a problem with the puppy develops between the time the deposit was given and the time the puppy is ready to leave.  If a deposit is sent for an upcoming litter that is not born yet you will be put on a waiting list in the order the deposits are received and the deposit will be for then next available puppy.  All deposits are subtracted from the total price of the puppy.  Registration papers will either be given with the puppy or will be transfered to the buyer as soon as payment clears and papers are received from AKC.  It is also agreed that if legal proceedings would ever be needed that the proceedings would be held in the jurisdiction of Hutchinson County, South Dakota.


BUYER (signature)                                                                 


Bill or Connie Spencer                                                           


A copy of this form will be signed and sent to the buyer with the puppy.  The buyer must sign it and return a copy to us.